Print truly creative pack designs, directly onto containers and change messages on-the-fly.

High impact packaging decoration with direct-to-shape

Direct-to-shape (DTS) inkjet printing is the highly efficient process of printing full colour images and text directly onto cans, bottles, sleeves and other shaped containers for beverage, personal care and home care products, amongst others.

The ability to print directly onto containers and change designs on-the-fly is a powerful tool. It gives brands the ability to meet consumers’ demands for greater choice and allows them to customise product design and messaging and implement creative marketing campaigns. DTS printing enables brands to communicate with consumers through the product packaging in new ways to increase brand loyalty and engagement and drive new revenue streams.

Xaar 1002 printheads allow high quality, high-volume single-pass inkjet printing directly onto smooth and shaped containers with exceptional reliability. As a result, DTS inkjet systems using the Xaar 1002 are in high-volume production today decorating product containers that are already available in stores.

Xaar technology is used in a number direct-to-shape applications. These videos are just two examples of how Xaar’s printheads can be put to work.


Martens Brewery

Direct-to-shape gallery