Produce consistently high print quality labels, and easily include high-viscosity white and digital varnish and other high build effects.

Making the most of digital technology for label printing couldn’t be easier

​​​​​Labels are used for many different applications, including product identification, name tags, warning and hazard identification, promotions and as decals for product decoration. They are typically printed roll-to-roll, using a combination of conventional print processes including flexographic, letterpress, offset, gravure and screen print processes.

The label sector is still growing – current estimates are that growth rate will remain at approx. 3% per annum for the next 5 years at least. Alongside market growth, there is increasing demand for shorter run-lengths and special or customised designs, and a drive to increase the speed of design change and reduce label inventory levels. Digital printing is perfectly suited to meet these customer requirements, and the recent development of hybrid printing solutions mean that for more and more label converters, it couldn’t be eaiser to make the most of all that digital technology can offer.

For those looking for a fully digital solution, the Xaar 1002 is the printhead of choice for the leading manufacturers of digital label presses.. Presses using Xaar technology range from stand-alone, entry level presses to fully-integrated systems with in-line printing and finishing.  The Xaar 1002 printhead is popular with top inkjet label press manufacturers because it combines superb quality with unrivalled industrial reliability and low cost of ownership. Featuring 1000 Optimised Geometry nozzles the printhead delivers precise drop placement to produce exceptional high resolution images and text. A key feature of the Xaar 1002 is its ability to print heavily-pigmented high opacity white inks and high viscosity varnishes extremely reliably in one pass, enabled by Xaar’s patent​ed ink recirculation technology, TF Technology™.

For those looking for a hybrid solution, the Xaar Print Bar System is a high-precision engineered complete system which adds single-pass digital inkjet UV capability to roll-to-roll or sheet-fed presses and provides print service providers with the benefits of digital printing easily and economically. In addition, the unrivalled reliability and exceptional print quality delivered by the Xaar 1002 printhead and its TF Technology™ make this print bar stand out from anything else on the market.

The Xaar Print Bar System prints fine reverse text, flawless barcodes, totally uniform solid areas, and high build effects through a multitude of Xaar 1002 printhead and approved ink combinations. This is ideal for short run, customised and variable data labels, vouchers, forms and packaging; spot varnish to make print stand out from the crowd; opaque white as an alternative to rotary screen or flexo whites; adhesives for cold-foil blocking; and even to print the metallic inks.

Xaar technology is used in many digital label presses. We work with the leading manufacturers of digital label presses including Durst, FFEI, SPG Prints and EFI.

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