At Xaar we develop and manufacture world-leading piezoelectric industrial inkjet technologies. Our printheads are trusted in industrial markets aro​und the globe as the most effective way to lay down precise volumes​ of inks and fluids with absolute pin-point accuracy time after time, with each printhead dispensing millions of droplets per second.

Xaar technologies facilitate cost effective, highly creative print runs, rapid production turnaround and customised packaging on a massive scale whilst running at production speeds.

Xaar 1003

The market-leading Xaar 1003 raises the standard in single-pass inkjet printing, delivering ​exceptional print quality and unrivalled reliability. Available in three drop size variants, the Xaar 1003 is the printhead of choice for a range of packaging applications printing direct-to-shape and label printing. It is also the Xaar printhead that is incorporated into the Xaar Print Bar System.

The Xaar 1003 combines Xaar’s TF Technology™ and Hybrid Side Shooter™ architecture for use in horizontal and vertical (skyscraper) jetting modes. This unique arrangement ensures that the printhead remains continuously primed and delivers maximum production uptime even in the harshest industrial environments.

Download 1003 datasheet (261.32 Kb)

Xaar 501

Reach higher levels of performance in graphics with the new Xaar 501 printhead. The new and unique PrecisionPlus architecture optimises the actuator performance giving more uniform drop formation across the print swathe and therefore exceptional print quality. The Xaar 501 combines PrecisionPlus architecture with the option of Xaar’s unique TF Technology™ to deliver exceptional reliability.

Download 501 datasheet (243.86 Kb)

Xaar 128

Since its launch in the mid 1990’s, the Xaar 128 printhead set the industry standard by offering a consistent, simple and highly flexible inkjet solution for a variety of applications including coding & marking. It is available in two drop volume variants (40 pL and 80 pL) and is compatible with a range of UV, solvent and oil-based inks.

Download 128 datasheet (257.68 Kb)

Integrating Xaar’s technology

Worldwide technical support is provided to all of Xaar’s customers by our team of highly skilled Sales Engineers who through close working relationships deliver a profe​​​ssional and highly supportive ser​​vice.​​​​​ Our Sales Engineers have extensive knowledge of inkjet and its application for the print sector. They also have considerable field experience. This means they are able to assist in the successful design, build, commissioning and post-installation support of all Xaar-based inkjet systems.

​Our global Sales Engineers can be contacted by phone or email and will respond to any enquiry as quickly as possible. ​​​When required, site visits can also be arranged allowing face-to-face support for more complex issues or for onsite training. ​​​​​​​

​Authorised clients can access Xaar’s Customer Extranet to find specific product information including printhead installation, operation and specifications, waveforms and approved inks.​​ Our Technolo​​gy pages on our corporate website provide more information on the technology inside our printheads, or you can co​nta​ct ​us​​​​ for any support requirements.

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